Bone Daddies Ramen, Soho, London

It’s no surprise that my first post is going to be about food. 10 years living in San Francisco, watching too many episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods and the original Iron Chef have made me appreciate that food is art that engages all the senses; an art form all over the world. In foodie cities like San Francisco and London (and Manila is up and coming), food is presentation, smell, taste and that feeling you have afterwards. So here I go with my latest venture: finding the best ramen experience in London.

My tonkotsu ramen with ice cold green tea

In the SF Bay Area I frequented Ramen Parlor, Ramen Dojo and Izakaya Sozai for my ramen fix, so I am searching for my next ramen Holy Grail. I went to Bone Daddies first. The advert of simmering 20-hour pork broth sent me zooming through the Underground and to the Soho. And I wasn’t disappointed. Thick, tasty pork broth greatly complimented the chasu pork, soft-boiled eggs and the of course, the noodles. The spritz of sesame oil, garlic flakes and chives made for a fuller, more memorable, ramen experience. I needed to remind myself that I needed to eat this slowly, or else I lose all its flavors.

Up close and personal.

We then ordered mochi ice cream for a sweet finish. Mango, green tea and chocolate flavors. Each one was delectable.

There were 2 halves of each flavor of course. We devoured the mango and green tea halves before we thought of taking a photo.

I have to commend Bone Daddies for the unique restaurant atmosphere. The heavy metal music, bar stools and Japanese bikers wall made for an unique, alternative eating experience. And no, loud heavy metal music might not work for everybody. In this instance it work for me. Will definitely come back.

I love that biker chick. She’s so bad ass.


Check out their site here. Happy eating!

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