A Tennis First-Timer Goes to Wimbledon 2015

I suck. It’s official. I grew up not knowing anything about any sport. I spent countless hours pouring into my book and my sketches to find out anything about or watch any sport. And I breezed through my 20’s not caring much except when the San Francisco Bay Area teams (the Giants, the 49er’s and recently the Golden State Warriors) are out in the finals. Yes I was a fair-weathered fan. Such is my mediocrity.

So here I am in my mid-30’s with an amazing boyfriend who took me to Wimbledon.

“Have you heard of Wimbledon?” He asked.

“Uh, yes. Tennis.” was my nervous reply.


Do you know how it feels to go into the Superbowl arena of tennis not knowing about a single thing about the sport? Or of how the game goes? Or who the stars are? It’s unnerving and nerve-wracking to try to make conversation with his friends who followed this game. And I felt a genuine sense of loss that I might be missing out on this momentous event because of my shallow knowledge of the sport. But I trudged on and learned as much as I can. So here’s a photo gallery of Wimbledon 2015 from an embarrassed tennis first-timer.

After my fish and chips and strong glass of Pimms, I felt more at ease. Yes, I can enjoy the grounds, the lines, the crowd and the momentous, bright, sunny day. It’s ok to learn tennis that day. Actually, it was quite awesome to think of my unique predicament. Learning tennis for the first time at Wimbledon. Who gets to do that? It was quite a privilege.  I certainly felt like a Zero going into the stadium that day; but in the end, when I was kissing my boyfriend for another great experience, there was Love.

‘Til next time. Safe travels everyone!



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