Getting Some Sun in England: Brighton Beach

Taking advantage of the hot summer in June, we went to Brighton. Brighton is a seaside town (a large and developed one, that is) situated in the south coast of England. It took us about an hour by train from London. This is a photo gallery from my purely tourist eyes.

We came across a bustling metropolis walking from the train station to the beach of the English channel.
Hello beach! Everyone is out taking advantage of the 90+ degree Celsius weather.
A picturesque scene. I could make up a hundred stories with this shot.
Cider seems to be the drink of choice during the summer.
Pulled BBQ pork and fries (or chips) seems to be the best way to celebrate the heat and the outdoors.
I got adventurous and ordered haddock. The taste of this dish was a little out of the left field for me so I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it. Great plating, though.
Ah Brighton pier. Your wares are reminiscent of Atlantic city and Santa Cruz. But your highly aggressive seagulls are entirely your own, I think.
Lots of souvies and sand toys to play and take home.
We took some time to taste some Julien Plumart macarons while shopping around town. I’m not so fond of macarons but I enjoyed these because of its extra creaminess.
More delectable pastries to be enjoyed on a summer afternoon at Julien Plumart.
I felt that we haven’t really scratched the surface of what Brighton has to offer, so I’m looking forward to going back soon.

‘Til next time, guys. Safe travels!




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