Tourist Mode Again Yay!

With all the adjustments I’m making in my new family and home, I needed to take a break.  Many of the adjustments are internal- defining how to act around a husband, around in-laws, defining my role in the home. We are also working towards a spouse visa and getting suppliers for our January wedding. It can be a lot. I found myself needing to get out of the house a lot this week. So yesterday, I went on tourist mode again.

It felt sooooo good to be a tourist. And rightly so because there is still SO much to discover about London. I hopped on the 149 bus that took me straight to London bridge. I went to renowned Borough Market just off the bridge, sampling different artisanal cheese and soaking in the aroma of Thai, Ethiopian, British and Polish food. I feasted my eyes on cakes, cookies and truffles. I settled for pasta for my late lunch because the Padthai ran out. Ah next time.

I also went to nearby Southwark Cathedral. I learned about its Roman pagan worship history, being a convent and a priory before becoming a cathedral. Being in close proximity to the Globe Theatre, Shakespeare was a member of this parish. He even have a memorial. It was a nice, quiet and historical place. It also has a clean toilet that tourists from the market can use; just pay 50 pence.That’s pretty reasonable.

And so I also went to Shakespeare’s recreated Globe Theatre and checked on the latest schedule of Macbeth. That’s going to be in the future agenda. In one of the back  streets I found the exact location of the original Globe Theatre. The area is now populated by modern flats but there’s a cobblestoned section that marked its original spot. What a find.

After a lovely walk along the river Thames, I went home. I hopped on the bus before all the chaos of the rush hour. It’s nice to know that London is a short bus or train ride away. There is always something delightful in its streets, alleys and river bank. And that’s a constant in the midst of all the changes happening in my life.

Too bad I didn’t take much pictures. I was so in the moment.



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